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Manage access and roles



- Having created a CityTourPlayer account and to be connected to it. Create your accountSee the help article

- Having created a CityTourPlayer page/entity. Create your entity - See the help article

To manage the access types of your entity, click on the Groups option in your CityTourPlayer panel:

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Once on this menu you can see that 3 groups already exist, the Administrators group, the Members group, and the AudioGuideMaker group.

These groups allow you to define different types of access for your partners.

Access types

The AudioGuideMaker type allows you to create audio guides, it gives access to your panel and to the management and creation of your audio guides.

The Admin type gives the same access as the AudioGuide type with other additional tools, it also allows, among other things, to manage the members and even to delete your entity.

You can also create other types of groups, see below

Inviting someone to collaborate

To do this you can simply click on Create Invitation Link, this link is unique to each new click, so you can click on the chosen group option each time you want to give someone access, pass them the generated link, they can then create an account with it or use it directly if they already have an account, this will result in them having access to the permissions of the group in question and you will see them listed as a group member. 


Permissions allow you to change what certain groups can do, by default these are set to the two basic groups, but if you feel that the Full Admin group has too many permissions for example, feel free to reduce them. Also feel free to create another group, to create permissions between the two if desired.

If you have a permission issue or something doesn't seem to be accessible when it should be, feel free to contact us for help.

Create another group

To begin, click on the proposed option

Please note that by default your new group has no permissions defined, it is up to you to choose one.

Managing my invitation links

Have you invited people to join a group but don't know what happened to those links? Have they been used? Have they been lost?

Remember to keep an eye on your links, they can only be used once, but if you give them to people you don't trust you are taking a risk, as they will then have access that can even delete your projects in some cases.

To avoid any problems, go to Actions and then to Link List to see the current list of all active links.

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About Us

CityTourPlayer is a project from NexSwiss Sàrl, a company based in Switzerland.

The idea for this platform arose during a visit to London on bus 11. Indeed, this bus offered very beautiful views of the best places in the British city but did not provide any real-time information about these places. We came up with the idea of creating a platform that would allow public transport companies and cities around the world to produce customized audioguides on existing public transport networks. In this way, both small towns and large cities could offer tourists, as well as their locals, the opportunity to freely discover their landscape without using private buses routes and to take advantage of existing urban networks.

By NexSwiss Sàrl, for more information about us and our IT products, visit our main website:


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