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Create your visit !
How to register your page and create your visit ?



First, create an account

Your account will be use to manage your team's page which is the panel for creating transports lines.




create an account


Second, create your team's page

For example, if you are a regional transport company, create the team's page for your company, add your collaborators, and start creating your link.
Your team's page will be the public profile where you may be in touch with people visiting your city, it's like a little website in our platform, which you manage how you wish. But you may also choose to keep it secret and integrate your project directly in your website (see below)




create your team's page


Third, create your transport line

Our online panel will allow you to create the line. Click on a map to create the path. Add the stops, choose your mp3 audio file or mp4 video, add subtitles if wished or support for other languages, manage pictures and animations, and tada!




create a transport line


Finally, publish your project

You may choose to publish your project on our platform, or to publish it for your website/application, projects are indeed available for integration with our Javascript API, but it is highly recommended to let all your fan found it with our platform, as people visiting a new city they don't know maybe searching content directly here!


logo of citytourplayer


About Us

CityTourPlayer is a project from  NexSwiss Sàrl, a company based in Switzerland.

The idea for this platform arose during a visit to London on bus 11. Indeed, this bus offered very beautiful views of the best places in the British city but did not provide any real time information about these places. Unwilling to use expensive tourist buses, we came up with the idea of creating a platform that would allow cities around the world to produce customized audioguides on existing public transport networks. In this way, both small towns and large cities could offer tourists, as well as their locals, the opportunity to freely discover their landscape without using private buses lines and to take advantage of existing urban networks.

By NexSwiss Sàrl, for more information about us and our IT products, visit our main website:


Got any kind of question ? Just let us know!

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