Discover the city

A new tourist guide, synchronized with the journey of your bus

Free for users

All your clients may use the player freely according to your video content.

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No App to download

You do not need any application, our technologie is able to use a precise GPS signal directly from the web browser

With your own phone

Anyone can use his own phone and headset to discover the city, therefore there is no need to rent an extra device

Easy to implement

A well documented javascript API, which do not require any specific installation, and may be tested free of charge

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Scan a QR code

When you are on a bus stop, just scan the qr code or go to the weblink showed with your phone


Get in the bus

When in the bus, the website will automatically locate you with your gps and start the visit


Enjoy your trip

What you will see by the window will be directly linked to what you hear in the video, it's all synced!


Web player

Integrate our player in just a sec where you want, on web apps or websites, with a Javascript library URL and a function.


Our product is avaible in French, English and German. You may also create your own translation. Content can be proposed with subtitle file or various audio depending the selected language.

Your content

you control the content the player will display, just give us the links of videos, pictures, subtitles, etc and we will display it accordingly!

Just test it

Our debug mod allow you to test the GPS and see logs to understand what's going on with your content.

Your Design

Choose the navBarHeight, or suggest us design modifications or configurations options.

With or without GPS

The client can choose to activate or not his GPS, having the GPS on may use more battery power. But by creating content accordingly to the journey duration, the client will stay synced and will easily change the video part if his bus take any advance or delay

Let's get started! Try our API for Free right now!