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The pros and cons of an Audioguide

Published by Marco
Posted on 21/02/2022

image of article The pros and cons of an Audioguide

Although creating a smartphone-based audio guide system on your transportation lines is an innovative and interesting idea, it can also seem complicated or unsuitable for certain situations. Here we will try to answer the different questions you might have about the pros and cons of such a system. We hope that these arguments will be useful in your choice.


Highlighting your lines.

What passengers look for most in public transportation is reliability and punctuality. However, the integration of an audio guide adds real value to the user's experience. In addition to being an attraction for tourists, the audioguide could be of interest to locals who are accustomed to making the same trip every day without always paying attention to what is going on outside the window.

Create a story, an adventure specific to your region

The flexibility of our audio guide platform is its strength. You are totally free to choose the scenario you apply to the tour. Choose a local personality to do the voice-over, add touches of humor or wacky anecdotes to the narration, etc... It's up to you to be creative and offer an original experience to your passengers, or to call on our expertise for the complete creation of your audio guide. 

Increase the number of passengers by transforming a daily trip into an experience. 

By offering an audioguide on your line, you're putting all the chances on your side to bring users back to your lines. Don't hesitate to collaborate with your city's tourist office and/or other actors in the region to have your audioguides produced.

Attract the attention of your travelers and advertise while keeping the investment relatively low.

The audioguide that you set up is yours. We provide you with the tools and assistance you may need, but you own the audio guide. You are therefore free to choose the content you wish to broadcast to your users, whether it be to promote tours or cultural events, or even advertising for yourself and your partners. Moreover, given the novelty of our system, showcase yourself as a forerunner of local and inspiring innovation while highlighting your know-how and responsiveness.



"It's complicated to organize and maintain". 

Yes, but no! We've put together all the resources you need to make it easy. Check out our audioguide creation to-do list that walks you through the process step by step. For more information, see Our team is at your side throughout the process.

CityTourPlayer is not free of charge for the transport companies, although it is for the users.

Although we are constantly striving to reduce costs as much as possible, the technology that NexSwiss Ltd. implements for CityTourPlayer has a cost and the price you pay for the audio guide depends on this cost. However, in addition to the travellers who pay their tickets because they are attracted by the audioguide, do not hesitate to monetize it by broadcasting promotional messages from your city, tourist office or even private structures to make it directly profitable. 

"It will not interest anyone"

As for all attractions intended for tourists, communication is essential. Once the audio guide is set up, think about promoting it in tourist offices, tourist brochures, social networks, restaurants, hotels, museums and other tourist places. The success of your audio guide will depend on its visibility and publicity. We therefore recommend you to partner with a tourist office that would allow you to make a successful plan.

"Nobody is interested in the history of my city"

So we have our doubts, but in this case, why not create a themed audio guide, for example, instead of telling the story of what can be seen through the window, simply invent a story, call on artists from your region to create an interesting audio-visual project that can be listened to in the form of small stories related to the places visited, in short, there are plenty of possible ideas.

With our solution, you can turn a simple commute into a unique experience for tourists and locals alike. If you have any questions on the subject, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to answer them.

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The idea for this platform arose during a visit to London on bus 11. Indeed, this bus offered very beautiful views of the best places in the British city but did not provide any real-time information about these places. We came up with the idea of creating a platform that would allow public transport companies and cities around the world to produce customized audioguides on existing public transport networks. In this way, both small towns and large cities could offer tourists, as well as their locals, the opportunity to freely discover their landscape without using private buses routes and to take advantage of existing urban networks.

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