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An audioguide is being tested on the tl 24 line

Published by NexSwiss
Posted on 08/10/2020

image of article An audioguide is being tested on the tl 24 line

Lausanne, October 5, 2020 - NexSwiss Sàrl is currently testing its new audioguide product called on line 24 of the Lausanne region's public transport network. NexSwiss is betting on a new interactive tourist offer allowing to discover a city for free through one's own smartphone, without any application to download.

For this purpose, posters containing a QR code have been put up at each stop of line 24; the user can simply scan the code with the camera of his smartphone or go directly to to start the guided tour. Stop by stop, it shows him what he sees through the window and the stories associated with it. The user also has the option of automatically synchronizing the tour with the position of the bus by activating the GPS location.


This audio guide is part of a context where unlimited mobile data is becoming the norm and roaming fees are tending to decrease or even disappear, which allows the user to fully enjoy new audio-visual experiences on the move. 


"We were seduced by the idea of telling the stories around our lines and creating a close link with our customers, by offering them the opportunity to discover or rediscover their region during their trip." - explains the tl.
"But also by the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of this group of young people from Lausanne."

Simple and fast

The interface is displayed as soon as the QR code is scanned and allows the user to choose the language (currently French and English) with or without subtitles. The user can then see on his screen images or 360° panoramas specially selected for the visit. In case the user does not have an unlimited connection, it is also possible to activate the data saving option.


Thanks to this innovative audio guide, users can discover new places and learn more about the city's history. They can interrupt their tour at any time to go to a place and visit it, then resume their journey and the audio guide where it left off.


This new free activity is an original experience to do alone or with others. It highlights the region's heritage and reinforces the attractiveness of public transport while allowing people to take advantage of an existing travel offer. 


CityTourPlayer was created by a group of young people from Lausanne and aims to allow any transport company, tourist office, or private person to create audio guides in a few clicks to promote the heritage of their city, business, or region. To do so, the interested parties have all the necessary tools on the web interface available at the address In particular, they can insert images and audio for a selected route or easily generate posters with QR codes. NexSwiss also offers a turnkey solution for the creation of an audio guide. Finally, it should be noted that the audio guide can also be integrated into existing transport applications.



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Image for the article named CityTourPlayer, a Vaud-based startup awarded by Innovations Generator 2.0 and Innosuisse
CityTourPlayer, a Vaud-based startup awarded by Innovations Generator 2.0 and Innosuisse An audioguide system dedicated to public transport for sustainable, technological tourism.

NexSwiss Sàrl, a startup founded by students from Vaud, launched the CityTourPlayer in 2020, a platform that allows public transport companies to create their own GPS-synchronized audio guides on smartphones. Travelers can thus explore the region while seated directly in public transport. It is thanks to this innovation that the NexSwiss team managed to stand out among the juries and co-win the Innovation Generator 2.0 contest as well as the Innosuisse Business Concept Training.

Posted on 08/06/2022

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About Us

CityTourPlayer is a project from NexSwiss Sàrl, a company based in Switzerland.

The idea for this platform arose during a visit to London on bus 11. Indeed, this bus offered very beautiful views of the best places in the British city but did not provide any real-time information about these places. We came up with the idea of creating a platform that would allow public transport companies and cities around the world to produce customized audioguides on existing public transport networks. In this way, both small towns and large cities could offer tourists, as well as their locals, the opportunity to freely discover their landscape without using private buses routes and to take advantage of existing urban networks.

By NexSwiss Sàrl, for more information about us and our IT products, visit our main website:


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